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Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
Doodleloo why did you have the saline ultrasound? i asked you before but you didnt specify the reason..was that a yearly check up? are you facing some problems with your menstruation cycle?or fertility..etc... you wrote heavy i am really trying to understand if you had other gynecological symptoms unrelated to this pain in order to do this ultrasound...and i suppose you know that this method is not suitable in cases the querent has a pelvic inflammatory cause in this chart there are different testimonies which suggest other issues i would please ask you once more to clarify the reason you chose saline ultrasound or your doctor said that this would be appropriate for your case

*Saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS or SHG) is a procedure to evaluate the uterus and the shape of the uterine cavity. SHG uses ultrasound and sterile fluid to show the uterus and endometrial (uterine lining) cavity. The ovaries are also seen at the time of SHG. The purpose is to detect any abnormalities.The most common serious complication with SHG is pelvic infection. However, this occurs less than 1% of the time and usually occurs when a woman also has a block or infection of the fallopian tubes.
It was suggested by my gyne to maybe start to get some idea on if I had any problems inside since I have painful periods, and I also had a regular ultrasound done elsewhere before this for the same issue but the pictures weren't good and she recommended to do this instead of redoing a regular one for a better image inside. But if I had PID before I certainly didnt know about it.
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