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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
As I suggested, Mars could signify some kind of inflammation, or an infection. Venus doesn't catch up with Mars until mid-January, after both have changed signs, and then the square suggests some difficulties. Ditto for the moon conjuncting Saturn. So it seems important for you to be patient. As Aria Venue noted, the problem may related more to the reason why you needed the procedure, vs. the procedure itself.

Prior to responding to your question I googled "saline ultrasound" and found that some women do experience severe pain from the procedure; a few of them have long term pain. I can only imagine that this relates to the saline solution or perhaps air bubbles in it, getting into places where it shouldn't.

I claim no medical expertise, so always recommend that querents consult a medical doctor. But the following herbs shouldn't do you any harm, even if they don't help: raspberry leaf tea and fresh plantain (Plantago major) if you can find it where you live. (It's a common garden weed.) Raspberry leaf is supposed to be helpful for gynecological problems, and plantain is one of the basic herbs helpful against inflammation.

I hope you feel better soon.

Unfortunately I use red raspberry leaf tea during my periods and that had no effect I cant take it constantly because it actually makes my nose congested over time. I could try finding the other thing though, I have never heard of it. Thank you for the tip!

From what I've looked up, I've long past the point where it should still be hurting just based on having the procedure itself. I have suspected that whatever was causing my painful periods might have been triggered as a result of the procedure. Is that what you are trying to say?

Well my next appointment is with my general doctor on monday. But any specialist I will see will end up being in the middle and end of January. Is this just a problem that I need to ride out? Does it look like I am dealing with long term complications?
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