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Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
Hello Doodleloo
if you could provide us some information related to your original question:
is the real question: when the pain is going to pass? or what's wrong with my health? i am asking this cause you seem certain that this pain is from the saline ultrasound
also was this a routine check or you had other related problems?
what exactly are the symptoms you are facing? you said pain but you didnt you have this pain or your belly, stomach, genitals, uterus...where exactly? do you have also other symptoms cause you are speaking about treatment with antibiotics..did the specific doctor prescribed them after you mentioned these symptoms or you did that yourself?

Well I didnt have this issue until after the ultrasound so that is why I know it has to be related. But I dont know what the actual issue is, but that's not really the concern in my horary. Antibiotics cant be gotten without a prescription where I am and I did an after hours care thing since my dr is so AWOL. I am more concerned with how serious the underlying issue of this pain is or if it will go away on it's own without having to go back to the doctor. I'm quite worried and it will be weeks before I have an apt with a specialist. The pain is usually on my pelvis left side. Like where you would think an ovary/uterus is? Sometimes it moves but its very rare and always comes back, pain is fairly constant even upon waking up
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