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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Are you able to get a different doctor? I'd suggest getting a second opinion on your condition from a new doctor, and then s/he would be the one to determine any further procedures.

Both you as querent and the genital organs (8th house) are ruled by Venus. Venus is in her own face (decans) but this isn't a really strong position. The 6th house is ruled by Mars, and Chiron in the 6th suggests that you are feeling pain. The next major aspect of Venus is a square with Mars.

Mars can suggest some inflamation or infection.
Thanks, I scheduled a second opinion but that appointment is 3 weeks out and I'm very distraught at what else I can do. I domt hold much confidence that this can get resolved because a simple diagnostic test caused this pain. I am currently on antibiotics to treat a possible infection but current tests right now point to that theres no infection. Does there seem to be any hope in the chart of this resolving?
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