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Re: not content with my job designation

Originally Posted by pixielord View Post
Teaching has never been my area of interest as a profession. I wanted to work at an architectural firm as an Architect. That was & is my only goal in career.
Then you don't want a Phd. Having one would limit your career possibilities to teaching or research. No employer wants to hire a Phd for anything else. Maybe you want the idea of a Phd, but if your only career goal is to work as an architect, a Phd is not the way.

Originally Posted by pixielord View Post
I am, in a nutshell, under parents' shadow in terms of career. Although I am confident that i would excel as an architect, it's hard for me to make a decision without their blessings.
You're under your parents' shadow because you've chosen to be. Or, perhaps more accurately, because you've chosen not to resist. To not be under your parents' shadow in your career, you would have to resist. And now is your chance. This is your Saturn return period. It sets the tone for the next 30 years, which means the rest of your career, really. In 30 years, you'll be getting ready to retire.

For your first Saturn cycle, you've let your parents be your authority, and found yourself in a job you don't want and don't like. Can you live with it another 30 years? Seriously?
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