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Re: not content with my job designation

Originally Posted by pixielord View Post
Thank you for your insight. I always enjoyed designing simpler solutions for routine tasks. Am also a good artist - historical architectures, landscapes, and birds are usually what I gravitate towards.
That sounds like a desire to practice architecture, not research it or teach it. You want to do the actual design work. A Phd would be useless for that. In fact, it would be a hindrance. If you had one, or if employers knew you were working on one, they'd assume you really want to be an academic, and they wouldn't want to hire you for the kind of job you really like.
Originally Posted by pixielord View Post
Why PhD? ..It was part of my long-term career plan.
What was your longterm career plan? Did you expect to practice architecture with a Phd? Or was your intention to move into an academic field?

Originally Posted by pixielord View Post
Do you see any restriction from parents on my career?
Your parents can't restrict your career unless you let them. There's nothing in your chart that suggests being under the thumb of your parents as an adult, let alone in your career.

However, you do have chart placements that suggest you would give in to your family too easily, if there's a conflict between what they want you to do and what you want. Moon, the primary indicator of family and parents, especially the mother, rules your chart and is conjunct Mars, the stand-up-for yourself planet, which also happens to rule your MC. Their shared placement is much stronger for Moon than for Mars: Taurus is Moon's exaltation but Mars's detriment, and on top of that, your Mars is retrograde, which can be another weakening factor. Together, they square your Jupiter.

I read that as, if Moon (your family) and you (Mars, when it comes to career matters) disagree on your education or going abroad (Jupiter) or on your career (Mars-ruled Aries), the family's position feels, to you, much stronger than yours, and you are more inclined to give in than fight. You also have trines to that Moon/Mars conjunction from the Capricorn stellium that contains most of the rest of your planets. Trines are go-with-the-flow energy, which can be a great thing if the flow you're going with serves you, but they also mean that if a situation indicated by those planets doesn't serve you, you're still more inclined to go along with it than resist.

But the fact remains that your situation is the result of you giving in. While you may have a strong inclination to do that, you do not have to. It's still a choice.
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