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Re: What is my boss's perception of me professionally?

Could the sun-mars link in 7th house indicate that there is a litigation that we are equally invested in at work, that will actually succeed? Or that he thinks we are equal partners when it comes to our abilities (which would be a relief)?

However using whole signs, he is Venus in 7th house, which would mean the equal abilities or partnership aspect still applies. But then the Sun-Mars link goes to 8th house. Would that mean that either his plans regarding my career need further validation or research or deep diving into my abilities, or that he wants to keep his plans a secret? And that these plans pertain to the organisation structure etc (since it is a large organisation) as they are in his 11th house. Perhaps he is intentionally not filling me on in some organisational structure changes or his elevation as he wants to be secretive?

My boss wants me to travel to him frequently and is keen to be more communicative on work, but earlier this year I felt I was getting too dependent/ attached to him and his ideas, and it was blocking my ability to think with clarity. I felt the result could be he would end up underestimating my abilities and spoonfeeding me, so I reduced contact over time and now I interact when absolutely essential.

My approach now is that I can independently deliver on what he needs so that he forms a better opinion of my abilities. He now leaves me alone unless I seek his help and it helps me think more clearly. So that could be the Saturn in 12th.

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