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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Why are there two different charts here?

Just looking at the first one, I'd say you're fine with your boss. You're Saturn in Sagittarius, he's Jupiter in Libra, as well as Venus, so Jupiter "receives" Saturn. Then so far as your significator goes, I would turn the chart. We want to know what he thinks about you, not what you think about you. You're in your boss's third house, which deals with communication. Sagittarius includes long-distances, so "long-distance communication seems about right.

These two planets apply to a nice sextile, with the sun translating light between them. The moon (your emotional stake in the matter) is exalted in Taurus, and applies to a sextile with Venus (good.)

I think your Saturn in the 12th indicates that you're feeling fussed about the situation, but maybe you don't need to feel so anxious.
Thanks so much.. quite relieved 😌..two different charts because the second chart was about what does he plan to do regarding my career (as distinguished from how does he see me), in terms of work allocation, will he have my back etc.

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