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This is ridiculous

Ok so I did a composite chart for this singer/actor that I like. His name is Robert Schwartzman and you probably know him as Princess Mia's eventual bf in "The Princess Diaries" and from the band Rooney. I've always attracted and dated guys with a similar appearance, so I thought that was interesting. I became more interested in him after I found out he released an album called "Double Capricorn" because I'm guessing he's a double Cap.

On the day he was born the moon was in Aries all day, so it's safe to assume his Sun and Asc are Capricorn. Well when I looked at our composite I was taken back by the amount of amazing conjunctions, sextiles and trines and house placements of positive asteroids. Our synastry seems promising also.

I know I'm not going to marry this famous man, but it's just crazy to look at this. We would probably get along if I was famous and known to him lol. A girl can dream...



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