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Re: Please read the chart of my newborn son

That Uranus on the Ascendant is hard to predict. It is lovely to see that nice Grand Trine, which will be a stabilising influence for his mental quickness and high intelligence. He will have a lot of talents and the ability to hone his skills.

Even so, Uranus rising is unique, quirky and likes to be different. That has it’s upsides and it’s downsides.

The Mars squaring the Uranus/Ascendant shows that you might be in for a bumpy ride during his adolescence. Mars exalted and elevated in the 10th will eventually be a powerful attribute, once he grows into it.

Until then, it may create some turbulence and stubborn behaviour.

Mars in the 10th square Uranus/Ascendant may indicate volatile emotions, which will be positive with maturity as it describes someone who can delegate authority and take control of companies, and organisations, if need be.

Until that maturity, it can indicate someone who rebels against authority, and cannot be easily controlled.

I am thrilled to see that very nice , exact trine to Saturn in the 9th. You will be able to communicate well with your son, by being honest and never talking down to him.

NEVER try to fool him or deceive him. He will see through it. If you need his agreement or cooperation explain that. You must be honest and then he will comply. But he will not react well to ‘force’ or strict punishment.

Better to recognise his uniqueness and his intelligence, and allow him the space to make his own decisions, and trust in his visions and goals.

They may seem unusual and out of the ordinary at first, but he may be ahead of the times.

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