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Re: Progressed Saturn square Progressed Venus

In my chart it lasted for over a year because the venus in my progressed chart is slowing down but i found that it started to take affect about a degree away but it just chips away at you until it is exact and when you look back you can see how much you have changed.
I think that what i should have done is write a journal on what has been happening with other people and events and how it made me feel so that i could analyse it better so that better understood what needed to be addressed from my past and current.
I think it would be good for you to write down what thoughts you have when you are doing art and what you are thinking about it in general so that you can figure out what insecurities it brings out in you and what is not being fulfilled in your life. It could also give you insight into what values and ideas that you picked up from your parents which are holding you back. For example, your parents may have made you think that art as a career is a waste of time or other things which are holding you back from pursuing certain paths.
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