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Re: Car troubles

Thank you for your response frisiangal.

I know it's got something to do with my 3rd house. Probs Mars and Uranus like you say, but there's a lot going on in there at the moment.

Reference the birth time. I meant that perhaps the hospital, or more likely my parents hadn't put the clock forward, so I would have been born at 9:30pm gmt time, not summer time. You'll have to try and bare with me on the Piscean logic, plus I have a mercury pisces Saturn square natally, pretty much a hopeless case

I like the astro theory about attracting situations, although I have never heard of it in the context of astrology.

I guess if I was to relate it to my life I could look at it from 2 angles

1. my dad has the same luck with cars as myself. So maybe I am subconsciously mirroring him.

2. I'm in the middle of a big transition at the moment, I need to leave a job that I have outgrown, been there a long time and its a big change which I am struggling with.
Alongside this I have built up a successful business that I would now like to focus on full time. So basically I am physically exhausted from working so hard and internally I am screaming to get the bleep out of day job. Need car more for day job, so again maybe I am subconsciously self sabotaging by preventing myself from getting there.

So you could well be right

Finally, my best friend also has same birthday as me, same town but born at different time. She has always done ok with cars, although last few months she has been stung with a lot of big repair bills, so maybe some of the transits that Elena mentioned are also effecting her as well.
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