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Re: Car troubles

in case could adapt clues, do share how true-insightful,

4th house for property, house, cars etc;

ketu separative SNode now transit acq-jup 4th,
detachment from mother-property-vehicle-motherland-moving home,
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-liver-legs-sciatica etc to care;
offer red flowers tuesday mornings at the alter at home;

jup acq 4th, reformist, advisory aptitudes;

sat 4th lord over gemini 8th for chronic issues, challenges;
chest-lung-urological-piles issues;
could be good for insurance research-analytics;
observe fast sat evenings;

natal ketu cancer 9th, hyper-sensitive-intuitive,
detachment from father, distant lands;

mars-rahu cap 3rd, generally good for initiative-progress,
excessive risk taking, accident prone, athletic skills,
mars lord 6th impulsive aries for challenges, accidents, sportive, etc;
rise-fall in life, observe fast No-moon evenings,
observe death anniversaries in the family religiously;
wear brown hessonite over pendant;

mer 9th lord for luck debilated pisces 5th, emotional-confused; wear emerald;
asc lord venus significator for housing-vehicles elevated pisces 5th trine,
sun-mer-venus pisces 5th, literary-oratroy-medical aptitudes,
rags to riches story,

leo-sun inimical for libra asc, inimical sun pisces 5th,
stress-delays in luck-edu-romance-children-position to watch/care;

jup these months transit occult scorpio 2nd for family-fin, 2nd from moon,
trine sun-mer-venus pisces and trine cancer 9th
promoting luck-edu-romance-children-position-travels-vehicle to hope for;

year end jup moves to own sag 2nd for family-finances-speech;
while care from misjudgments-missed opportunities transit opp sat gemini;
jup trine aries 6th supportive of health-employment,
and trine leo 10th for career-recognition;

sat this week turns direct own cap 3rd,
good for general progress, initiative, event management, seeking transfer;
while care from excessive risk taking, accidents, rise-fall,
while sat transit elevated mars could suggest entrepreneurial attitudes;
mechanical frictions;
sat elevated aspect moon-libra 12th for foreign lands;
rahu transit leo 10th inclined to foreign lands/assignments;

do promptly ack, share salient pointwise ground feedbacks,
how true-false-adaptable, traits-talents-health-events-prospects etc etc,

wishing well, kshantaram
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