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Re: Car troubles

I have always thought that Mars (motor) rules cars (engine, ignition, spark plugs, accelorator?), although Mercury can see its mobility as a means of transport.

If clocks went forward the day before, birth time is already one hour later than the day before (20.41 GMT/UT).
Coincidence that natal Mars is in the 3rd house?
It is also square Uranus (breakdowns!).

You know the astro. theory that if the individual doesn't instigate situations him/herself, they 'attract' them ?
Mars rules 6th house of work/physical disorders and 7th house of personal relationships and, through Scorpio, the 2nd house of finances. Saturn and Uranus have rulership over the 4th house, depending upon which one is stronger (living in past or future?).

Could there be a relationship between personal circumstances, as reflected through the house rulerships and the cars you buy?
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