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Originally Posted by love-thinking View Post
I have almost all of my personal planets aspecting or even in conjunction neptune. Moon trine neptune, moon opposite pluto. That too moon in the 8th house. Sun conjunct neptune, mars, and mercury.

I do attract toxic people. I've recently rekindled with an ex who I do think is a narcissist. During almost each of our meetings, he has turned me from a well put-together girl into a powerless, pathetic mess by the end of it our meetings.

He's gone. I'm vengeful. And I literally feel like I see myself in his eyes. But not only that, I feel like I see other people in his eyes. The way he would look at certain people. The way he would perceive certain guys. More importantly, how he would see other women.

This is so ****** up, I feel like I'll look at a woman and I'll just immediately think about how he would perceive her and start tearing her apart. How he would suck the life out of a certain female and proceed to pine for and ultimately take more and more of her love until she's bled dry. I feel sick but I feel like his energy rubbed off on me.
You have to find a way to claim it back. You have 100x more power over your brain than he does. Visualise cutting the energetic chords to him. Then take some time to focus on you, finding your own space and your own thoughts. Think about things you love and focus on doing those. Self care and self love is important.
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