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Will my training presentation on May 24 be good?

Hi guys,

I've got a short, 20 minute training presentation coming up on May 24. It is a part of the requirements to pass the "Training the Trainers" work shop that I have attended last Apr20-21.

We are around 20 at said work shop, and as per historical data, only 70% of the batch passes while the rest fails. After the presentation, there is a "graduation" day where one of us will be declared as a valedictorian.

I was sent to undergo said workshop under the expectation that it will improve my presentation skills for my current job.

Right now I have yet to prepare my materials for the presentation. My stomach turns into mush whenever I think of the said day. Regardless, I always know that I can do it if I practiced and prepared hard enough.

So my query is will my presentation be good enough to pass the exam? Feel free to describe how will my presentation go about.

Attach is the horary chart and my birth chart.

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