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Re: Chart not Radical - Reaction?

I'll comment on what tsmall mentioned about the planetary hours being used in the past, so you can get the picture on the "why" they are used.

Planetary hours are used much more in ancient Electional astrology (which is the branch Horary is believed to be derived from), with specific actions being more "favourable" during specific times of day, depending on the hour ruler and its natural rulerships (the obvious example, courtship during day/hour of Venus).

This is why it is applied to casting Horary charts, as it would seem more favourable to ask a question on the time the Hour ruler is in charge of the Ascending sign

Remember than in ancient times, Triplicity rulership was just as important as Sign rulership. Notice tsmall's comment on planetary watchers (or guardians), which is of great importance. If the Ascending sign of your question is under the protection of the time guardian (belongs to its triplicity), then you can render your question to be of importance to that ruler, given that the planet is in charge of watching over those signs (ex: Jupiter as ruler of Fire triplcity).

In a way, the radical chart implies that the question was asked to the astrologer in a favourable moment, and thus will provide the correct answer (if the chart is properly read of course). As tsmall and Oddity mentioned, when the chart is not radical, the chart is telling you something by it. It can still be read, but its like getting the answer from someone that is not interested in replying.

("Yeah yeah, he loves you, whatever, stop calling please...!")
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