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Re: What impact have the Black Moon Lilith in a synastry ?

You will get very different answers from different astrologers and amateurs in here That one thing is for sure.

To me this seems like a strong Lilith connection - that she is indeed a woman of your desires and she is activating that desire in you and also idealisation, right? The Uranus, Pluto, Neptune connections seem like she could actually have you obsessed, daydreaming and also uplifting for you to encourage you to transform or try things you have not before?

Anyway - one point of a synastry chart is not enough to say much. The whole chart needs to be seen and analysed. I recently looked into a synastry chart with so many connections of the planets, but also a Lilith connection. In that kind of chart it is hard to say if it is the Lilith connection or other connections that make the people act towards each other ... and their relationship needs to play out for a longer time to be able to judge.
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