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Re: question on significators

Originally Posted by archergirl
However, other planets in the house can represent interference from other people, if they are blocking an aspect between querent/quesited.

Ra_D is right: the Moon shouldn't be thought of as the co-significator for the querent, really...the analogy I like to use is that the Moon is the engine of a chart: it drives the question, it shows where the real focus of the chart is, it shows the past and the future.

I do believe that as well. The moon is co-significator in the sense it shows what will happen to the querent; I don't think, a literal secondary embodiment.

Question AG: Say this is a love horary, querent is Jupiter, questited Mercury. The only relation Mercury has to the querent is being in the Moon's triplicity. As many people take Moon as the querent's significator, it would seem that Mercury likes the querent. Or do you merely think Merc in Moon's triplicity is just a positive thing towards the outcome?

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