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Re: Does my birth chart show potential in acting?

Originally Posted by Cypocryphy View Post

Thanks for the feedback

Yeah. So, she left you unexpectedly. Her leaving you should be expected, but not for the reason that you think. I looked at her chart. I'll post it.

I'm trying to think of the term, but . . . let's say her is an unaspected (sic) planet.
There is a technical term for this, but it is not coming to mind at the moment.

Anyway, with its being in , you actually have someone who lacks depth of feeling. The feelings are scattered, although will have some input in this. But as a rule of thumb, you tend to have the least sexual, least affectionate (unless it's just going through the motions) type of person. So in the modality and elemental quality of , you have Air, which is "hot and moist" and a "mutable" modality, a diffusion of energy, ruled by "mercury" or mind. is a planet that is "hot and moist," but is a night time planet and feminine, through and through. That means a positive and negative polarity (not in qualifying terms of "good or bad"). This is, all things considered, operating as a negligible ruler and is both accidentally and essentially undignified, meaning peregrine, etc.

The before stated condition would create a person who lacks depth of feeling and is not very sexually oriented because of a lack of said emotions, which is "passion," especially "passionate" love. Not that this person can't love but it's not with a degree of meaningful depth. I hope I'm making sense here.

Your girlfriend, on the other hand, does not have this extreme situation. However, she is one who has to have a lot of people around her. She is an extroverted individual, popular but flighty and a tease. If she left you for someone else, I would no t take it personally. Moreover, I don't think that she left you for someone else, per se. It's more that she wasn't in love in the first place because her affections are flighty, and she'll be a person who never knows what she wants in life and will have a lot of superficial relationships. One reason for this, though not extreme, is that she has "foot in mouth" syndrome. She'll just say something that sometimes she wishes she could take back. She will say something upsetting or something that is honest in her eyes but will tend to hurt the recipient. This is not a severe or prominent condition. Notwithstanding, it will cause friendships and relationships to end because it can be off-putting. Much more of a factor, however, is that she will never know who she truly is, and because of that, will not know what she truly wants. She's a fickle, changeable girl. So I definitely wouldn't let that event cause you any injury or reason to dwell on a past hurt from her.

I hope that helps

And thanks again for the feedback,


P.S. If it makes you feel better, she will have weight problems later in life (or even presently), so by her middle age, she will have put on a lot of weight. I know that's a little petty, but it might make you feel better.
I feel happy and also sad about weight issue will come to her life. I liked her physical apperance in general. Actually, i checked her Linked-in profile she's more thinner than last time( Feb. 2018) i saw her. I can message you if you wonder how she looks. She will gain weight after age of 26 maybe.

Anyway, she was a truly stone heart when it comes to relationship and she tried to change my clothing style too. All she wanted me wearing smart-causal clothes. I listened her and did like an idiot. But we like to talk each other a lot. That's why i miss her time to time, she was really funny.

Will I see her again in the future ? But this time not as a lover that's for sure.

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