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Originally Posted by Cypocryphy View Post
Yes. You have the right desire and way of being to be an artist, entertainer, actor. Whatever the case, you’ll have MANY different jobs and careers in your life. Also, you won’t be Married anytime soon. Marriage will be very hard for you. Even though you are a people person. So that’s good for acting as it will put a strain on relationships, either financially or because of your fickleness. Yes. You are romantic but you are also one to jump from relationship to relationship before there’s any gravity to them.

The one thing I worry about is how hard it is for you to take criticism and that you are extremely sensitive, suffering from bouts of low-self esteem. That’s something that can obviously improve, but your ego is easily bruised, and you have a hard time asserting yourself. It’s a blessing and a curse because the best actors are very “sensitive.” This “sensitivity” comes out by having issues with authority. You have a hard time working the “normal job,” with a boss, etc. You feel you have to be your own boss, truly. But if you are an actor, your boss will be the people, and whether they collectively take to you.

Anyway, this is kind of a question that’s not a question cause you’ll take this up one way or another.

All the best,

Yes because i dont want to marry at all. Maybe i will if i find the right person after age 30. I got huge trust issues since my ex girlfriend left me all of the sudden. I believe she did cheat on me. She s got Venus in Gemini after all. (i didnt know basics of astrology at the time) That s why i dont want to be in committed relationships at this moment.

Her birth time: [Deleted because it's against the rules to post other people's birth information without their informed consent. If this person is an ex who has left the poster, it's extremely unlikely she's consented. - Moderator]

Believe me i did so many jobs since i was like 14. I worked in : printing house, as a trainee in restaurant and doing some kebab (döner) lol, editor at P. Station website at one time, salesmen in different brands like gps and phone companies. I was an apple expert after those, but im not satisfied with these kinda jobs. You re right about people being actors boss. I thought about that before. That wont hurt me in a long run, i can use this as an improvement on my acting and myself. Although i cant stand taking criticisms, if the person obnoxious and disrespectful. I came across those kinda people a lot of time.

Thanks for the advise.

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