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Re: Does my birth chart show potential in acting?

Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Hi again, goldenboi....

- nice name for achieving your goals - a good serving selfperception-thought

I share here my point of view - from my personal astrological method of insight - what -as I know- might be in some subjects different to other astrologers - as there are more than one method /style - one can choose to use for an astrological insight- what I respect - as each to its own - and never change a winning team - is my opinon in general.

If you like to take acting classes as a professional education and training - your ruler of your 9th house has to be activated first by a transiting planet to be energetically supported in this house subject. 9th house -is among others - of the meaning, university, training, teachers to find and teacher to be for other people - and also house of grandparents.

Your natal jupiter is strong placed in your 8th house - with a strong intense and persisisting iron will to go for your own goals - if you really burn for it.

Jupiter has already been activated by transiting jupiter himself on january 11th, 2019 by conjunct and afterwards again now on feb.2nd, 2020. But by semisextile - some tensioned now.

Looks like your idea to realize your dream is not a new one - you already thought more and longer about.

But your jupiter is in close square with saturn - you will have to accept hard work for it to realise and to have success. And with jupiter in 8th house - you also sit in the familiy dogmata and opinions and also in religious faith beliefs of your own family and their traditions - you might have to fight against before and stand up against - as well.

Did you already talk about what you intend to do - with your own family? Your father is on one side shown as an energetically strong person, and as first male model role shown as able to act as a male very powerful - deciding and influence taking on you. On the other side very sensitive about his own reputation in society and what people tell about your family.

Education needs also money. Venus as your ruler of your financial income house will be conjuncted by transiting saturn as ruler of your lifepath and midheaven /career till oct 21st, 2020. What looks more like a concentration and restriction and a check-up for what is really necessary and needed as good for you - and not as a sudden improvement of finances.

But in fact saturn's conj. transits are the most intense and effective for a considerable change in own life. And venus co-rules also your 12th house with intercepted taurus in there - for me to be visible and present and known to outer society and people there - to give a personal contribution. As most famous people, politicans and movie stars have their personal plantes in there as well. To give up own ego for an immpersonal inner order they feel to have to fullfil. Same what you do - with your sun in 12th house and saturn - the obligation to do so. And with moon mercury in 11th house.
Yes my Muslim family thinks about their religion a lot. They re very i mean VERY traditionial, im not like that.

I talked with my family about my goals. My mom is fully supports my ideas and what i want to do. On the other hand, my father didn't even pay attension and said ''those stuff are too late for you''. I immidiately said '' nothing is late for me''. I didnt have any money for this before that's why i didnt take any training/class. Now i have money but like you said im thinking my finance issues these days. I have money for education, but not forever. I have to find a part time job also, it s not a problem since this is about my goal. Long hardwork days (even years) waits for me right like you guys said.
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