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Re: Does my birth chart show potential in acting?

Originally Posted by goldenboi View Post
Hello I'm new comer here,

I did couple of jobs in my life and struggling finding right job for me. As matter a fact i don't wanna do any normal kinda job like salesman etc. (which i earned expert title for it lol )

Right now i want to take acting class but still im not so sure if im a right guy to do it. In my childhood i dream about being actor or even pro wrestler(yes im serious) I'm an absolute dreamer, but i have to make a move, but i need your help.

What do you think about my chart ?

Thanks for the help.

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Like Osamenor said, you don't have anything to lose taking an acting class. If you want to try something, I'd try it. I'd just be careful of deciding to make a career out of it.

Moveable signs on the angles and your MC in Capricorn mean that you're going to be all over the place, especially in your career. I'm pretty sure you've considered all manner of careers at this point.

Venus is in your 10th, oriental in a day chart, but she's at least in a feminine sign. She's in her own triplicity, but can't see Mars or the Moon, her sect mates. That means that whatever Venus things (and they are multiple things) you try to do don't have enough staying power to become long lasting and meaningful careers. I could see you dabbling in acting, but I don't see it being your final calling.....I don't think you'll have a final calling. You'll probably try all manner of things until the day you leave your mortal coil.

The ruler of your MC is Saturn in Pisces. With Pisces being Double-Bodied, this signifies going back and forth with career options. You've got a long, winding road ahead of you. Saturn is also rising behind the Sun, in a feminine sign and under the beams. You're going to have difficulty obtaining recognition and finding a career that fully displays your talents. Some level of obscurity is indicated here. Being in the 12th sign also gives difficulty in career.

However Jupiter IS overcoming the Sun and Saturn from the 9th sign. Have you ever considered a career that involves traveling? Moveable signs on the angles, Aries rising, Saturn ruling the MC in the 12th and Jupiter in the 9th could easily lend itself to a lot of travel. Plus it could be a positive outlet for a lot of the restlessness you feel. Your chart indicates being all over the place and having difficulty finding a stable career. I'd lean into that and use it as an excuse to experiment.

Some of us aren't blessed enough to have Fixed signs in prominent places, knowing exactly what we're going to do from the moment we leave the womb. Might as well enjoy it.

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