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Originally Posted by ashriia View Post
I wouldn't focus on sun in 7th bringing in enemies. Mars in the 8th would be the primary cause of attracting people with bad intentions. But your equiped with a scorpio moon to be able to read people, to mitigate that.

With sun in 7th your identity in centered on other people. So what others think, and feel about you will matter. People with sun in 7th have a tendancy to try to control other people. Its usually a bad habit.
But since its in the sign of aquarius, you are likely to encounter issues with other people in areas regarding control/jealousy. It might create instability in your relationships, or cause people to "act out". Its cause and effect.
Not sure if you are curious about open enemies because of that, but it jumped out at me.
Dear Ashriia thank you so much for your input. It means a lot to me and you hit something that actually I was not expecting but was kind of the reason I wrote this post. Yes, it's very true I attract what I consider to be a huge amount of jeaulosy and people act on it in a very open why in front of me (although due to my Scorpio moon I can sense it beforehand). However it's always kind of disappointing to see this unfolding and I struggle to understand why. When you mention the 7th house meaning that what others think of me is important it is true but ironically (or not) my true node is in Leo 1st house which means my life mission is exactly to detach from this sense of others and become more aware of the self. Still I do struggle (maybe because of my sense of collectiveness) with jealousy or bad intentions from others. It pushes me into more isolation I feel.
I think the tendency for control comes more as a self defense mechanism to which I have been hardly working to let go.
Its a surprise to me that the Mars on the 8th is what can bring me the people with bad intentions and I would appreciate some input on how to deal with this.
Thank you so much ❤️
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