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Hello. I am sure most people have one or two houses in their chart that are prominent in some way. Maybe there is a stellium in it. Maybe it contains important planets. Things like that. And I would like to hear your thought on how this particular house has manifested in your life.

For me, my most emphasized house has got to be the 6th. It contains my Sun, and not only this, my Sun is the sole final dispositor of my chart, so I guess you can say its "doubly" important. Jupiter, which rules two angles, is in this house, too. And not only that, my Mercury, which under the whole sign system, is found in said house as well, and it rules the remaining two angles. So as you can see, my 6th house is a hotbed of activities.

How has it manifested for me? Well, I am the very opposite of a sun sign Leo. I do not like being the boss. I love it when other people tell me what to do. I would much rather follow orders than give them out. I have zero desire to lord it over others. Don't wanna manage people, either. And I think I am a good worker who can be relied on. I am a key-holder at my current job and I am trusted with opening and closing the shop. I am very content with it even though the pay is low and there is no recognition of any kind to speak of. Yet I dont mind any of this. Anyway I just feel that I am very un-Leo. More Virgo actually. Which makes sense because the 6th house is traditionally associated with virgo.

Now let's share our thoughts. Tell us what you think.
My take is that this doesn't seem wholly un-Leo. You are the keyholder. That is a pivotal role in the day-to-day of the company. Day-to-day being 6th house. Do you know those stories of Kings being keyholders to their countries, treasure rooms etc? I believe it's archetypal.
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