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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Thank you for the link to a thread in the Traditional section. A reason the pseudonym was unfamilar to me.

Celibacy thread in Trad. forum,

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It's the chart conditions, not the planets………….That's an issue of contention between modern and traditional.

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In college our statistics class was required to work with the university policy center who conducted phone and written polls on a wide variety of topics. A representative statistical sample for the US is roughly 2,386 people.

166 charts is hardly enough………………….
The data I saw had more than 1,000 charts with verified birth-times, but it didn't really prove anything.

That's why I say you have to look at the chart as a whole.

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I agree that medical conditions, and also mental health conditions, may lead to *celibacy, but I don't believe that is something you'd see in a natal chart
*fill in any other trait.
I agree with the perspectives (s)he takes.

Your reply #73 to his/her post #58
when one takes into account a world population of seven billion
that's an excellent point
Doesn't that make every facet, including your own, of (written) astrology open to speculation?
So what is an astrological starting point for any (written) research in order to unravel its meaning? How many charts are necessary to give the necessary proof that will be found acceptable?
In which case those many astro. authors declineating ONE chart as proof of astro. factors would be out of work.

Traditional and Modern astrology use different techniques to read a chart. It doesn't mean either is wrong; they simply go about it in another fashion.

I guess if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,
it could still be a goose.
or alternatively
a decoy as used by those who go hunting, shooting and fishing
A decoy is a substitute for the real thing to fool the subject. Not available in chart delination that is strictly personal.

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