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Re: will my wife become pregnant this year?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
I would like a back story, how long have you been trying?

Venus, her significators does aspect Jup, ruler of the fifth house. So there is pregnancy, however need to see if its months or years? Venus and Jup will aspect in about 4,5 degrees. Venus in fixed sign.

There is also Mars//Jup recent conjunction as well as Moon/Jup aspect here. Moon and Sun new Moon in 5th. So all this indicates pregnancy.

Again please give us some more background to understand if the fixed sign shows years rather than months.
Hope things are good at your end...
We have been trying for some months now....i made a job transition few months back and thought now we were ready to get pregnant as such been trying since then...but now i am worried with this whole new covid-19 situation...i hope everyone is safe and sound..
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