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Re: Coronavirus:Tips to reduce anxiety during Mars Transits

Leyla, the situation is slightly getting better in Europe like Italy where they had the most cases and deaths, esp the Bergamo area, Lombardy in the north. A dozen countries sent in their doctors to assist Italy's overwhelmed health care system. And a better enforced lockdown in Italy after 2 weeks is teaching themselves a lesson that social distancing in essential businesses are a must at this time.

Coronavirus is said to have mutated in China, but was there 2 strains? One in Asia and the western US, and another much stronger one in Europe and Eastern US? I hope Latin America and esp. Sub-Saharan Africa aren't going to be the hardest hit regions while it's now autumn in the southern hemisphere (Australia/new Zealand).

The US will be the most affected like Dr Anthony Fauci said for 3 weeks, a problem is the US has a president on TV said last month the covid19 crisis was a hoax or a cold that won't hurt you. Mars in Aquarius is not bad for Europe, but it will be in the US, a Mars in Aries placement is when we in North America will make a recovery.
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