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Re: Upcoming Mars Saturn Pluto conjunction in Aquarius

Originally Posted by Senecar View Post
Thank you for your read. That is great.

Yeah, I have been away from Astrological studies for a year or two due to other hobbies having been taking most of my time. But with current pandemic situation persisting in the world, I have been looking at some other Astrologers youtube videos, and this one was very impressive.

He is talking about the conjunction in very dramatic way emphasising on the effects and also giving out cautions, but I was wondering what they could mean in detail.

I am an Aquarius with my Moon in the 2nd House Taurus. Aries ascendant.
I'm going to watch that link, I've not come across that one yet.

There are a few predictions being made also on the "conscience" channel on youtube. I've freaked myself out watching some of them though, they're very scaremongering.
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