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Re: Upcoming Mars Saturn Pluto conjunction in Aquarius

I did an Aries ingress chart for London Uk, to see if I could see what was coming for the UK to do with this Mars/Saturn conjunction.

I've only just started looking into Mundane and ingress charts this past couple of days so I'm not that educated in them. But as you can see from the chart it is Capricorn rising, a cardinal sign, so it will be an up and down year for the UK, a cardinal ingress chart only lasts 3 months, because of this you then do another one (after the 3 months) ingressing the Sun into Cancer, which places Cap on the Ascendant once more.

Mars/Saturn will be on the acenadant/1st house, which is showing the country as a whole. Mars could be the military, conflicts, war, attacks to the country and with Saturn, this could cause more fear and sorrow.

I'm not too great at reading these charts at present, so I'm most likely missing a great deal of information.

Looking at the mars/Saturn against the London natal chart, it's not sitting on an angle which id take as a good thing, but it is opposing the natal retrograde Jupiter, where transit jupiter and its planetary conjunction will be opposing the moon. These two planets are in the 10th house, so it could be something to do with the Royals, Prince Phillip has been diagnosed with COVID-19 today, or just something to do with government. Jupiter rules religion too so with mars/Saturn on the ingress ascendant maybe its a terrorist attack.

Maybe you or someone else can get more from this, but I've given it my best shot.

I am slightly anxious about the mars/Saturn conjunction happening, hence why looking into mundane charts, even more so because of the Jupiter conjunction that happens at the same time.

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