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Re: Should she try to get a loan?

is this her question? cause the thread title is a bit ambiguous like you are the one who asks and this is a third party question and then you say she's the one who asks.
so in case she's the one who asks she shouldn't apply for a loan.
moon her co-ruler and her pocket already combust and its moving to full combustion.So this won't be a wise movement
this is a should i question, so only seeing the above is a red flag.
moon is currently besieged,one of the worst afflictions (she previously left saturn l8 and she's heading to sun) what more to say??? After all this is a should i question and we always check when this decision would be favorable, so it won't be.
If her actual question is will i get the loan, meaning she has already initiated the procedure, while in this case she hasn't, then again we should have had an aspect between l1 and l7(bank) and connecting l8 to her pocket, not to mention the relative receptions between l7(the bank) and moon

** The North and the South Node are the two points where the path of the Moon and the path of the Sun intersect. As such, they have no light and cannot cast aspects. Only conjunctions to the Nodes are relevant a floating s.n -n.n in a house means nothing at all, only in conjunction with a relative house cusp or planet

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