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Re: Marriage and spouse? Creativei and others

You are cancer asc makara rasi uttara phalguni nak .

Rahu in 1st and ketu moon in 7th is what delaying your marriage , also both cancer and leo asc does marriage very late only , i.e after 32 since 7th lord saturn , saturn delays but not denies .

moon and ketu in 7th you cant make up your mind easily when it comes to relationships , cant take clear decision , you have been cheated , used by many guys in your youth days . faced disgrace from . 1st lord in 7th is good but since it joined with ketu , it gives detached, confused , carefree attitude when it comes to relationships . afflicted moon means afflicted mind and body . at times health may trouble you , so take care you are highly independent and selfish your partner has to compromise lot . unless you marry spiritual person you hard to feel emotionally connected . your spouse is also highly spiritual pretty , tall self willed brave charitable . married life will be filed with responsibilities.. you have many frequent travels your sister lives in forgein land , you will have somewhat quarrelsome with her . face some disgrace in society due to her . most probably fixing alliance for marriage makes you angry , she wont settle that much easily . both you and your sister lives some other country or state after marriage . No more attachments anymore ;p

7th lord in 3rd with 6th lord ,chances of his professions are small scale business , writing clerical , sales marketing health care , govt job . if i short list from this list he may be a doctor or businessmen .. he will also have income from various sources , through out the life you dont have money related problem . but will have lifelong worries regarding younger sis
she spoils her life herself like how elephant putting mud on his own head . if you ever get health problems its not because of you or your family , but because of her . i say that sure . she doesn't go well with your husband , what means what thats it . but she accepts any material favors given by him . take care of your hands , shoulders and ENT , you often get sick due to this . also watch out your words ,at times you emit lava like words which hurts others , you often have short trips for hospital and courts ;p

You meet him on foreign land when doing long journey . may be in a big organisation or hospital . he comes from East direction .

marriage may happen in 2024 exactly in ketu dasa . ketu is in saturn house so he should saturn power who is 7th and 8th lord , sudden transformation after marriage .(in a good way) . but your marriage transforms your sis totally ,it will be like eye opener for her . after that she too changes lot . her marriage happens after one big fight within ur family . your husband also gets involved in that fight . but it will be fine after few tsunami waves ;p

Her marriage happens in 2027 . exactly in her mars dasa . currently her moon dasa will pack up elder sister so that fate can do its duty without any interruption . after that she learns many things in life and become wise and mature .......mostly her husband may be lawyer .

Be ready for life changing transformation and separation ....
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