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Ever massage a cat?

Just wondering if anyone here is an expert (or experienced amateur!) in cat massage. My beloved senior cat has both arthritis and diabetic neuropathy, and now she's having some serious trouble standing and walking. Very weak hind legs. I've read that gentle massage helps, but I need to see and try to understand how. Can't find any videos online about it specifically.

I'm also doing the other things you're supposed to do for those conditions: she's on insulin, I'm waiting to hear back from the vet about adjusting the dose (her last glucose curve was a bit too high), she's on a diabetic-friendly diet, she's on medication for arthritis pain, and I've ordered a vitamin B supplement that has a good track record of treating diabetic neuropathy in cats. If anyone knows a good how-to video for cat massage, especially in case of arthritis and neuropathy, and/or has tips, please share.
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