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Re: Coronavirus:Tips to reduce anxiety during Mars Transits

April 1st in the 10th degree of Aries going by tropical sun. In my natal chart life cycle, I'm currently in the 8th Aquarius where my sun and Moon are. And my mom (age 68) has a Sagittarius 12th instead of scorpio and she has COPD. Also my dad (,age 73) in Aries past the ASC (a new chart). Looks like we're in high risk and it turns out we're not in the 1-3% likelihood of covid19. Can we avoid fate predicted in our natal and horoscope charts? Optimistic, realist and honestly, my family is alright. My nephew (age 20) has a sun in Capricorn conjunct ASC in Aquarius. It turns out my parents had civil defense training: Mom worked for the police and dad in the fire Dept. In the Palm springs CA area. They were trained, prepared and I worry more for my mom under my nephew's care than dad who is in comparably better health. And my brother (age 38) is a Taurus sun opposite ASC in 13' scorpio and he needs to change his life away from drugs and alcoholism.
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