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Re: What is the difference in effect between a sextile and a semi-sextile?

I highly believe from my research that semi-sextiles act as conjunctions. Just as powerful but the energy is a bit different. With conjunctions the two planets don't differentiate each other and act as one energy, which can be problematic. But with semi sextiles the planets do notice they are different in their behavior however they still have VERY similar methods and seem to understand each other even though they work differently. There is friction definitely, simply because the planets are so different and speak the same thing in a different way. It's definitely a potent aspect because it brings major awareness I believe. It helps understand yourself and others and be more accepting, because the energy itself is almost like a sibling. They annoy you and you don't get them cos there is this huge age gap, but if you bring your awareness to their age or just try to understand them, you manage to, and still love them. xD
Even in synastry it's a nice aspect. It's not so much in your face as a square or conjunction. It acts almost like an instinct because it is a minor aspect after all. I'd say the same for inconjuncts. It's a friendly sparring aspect. xD
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