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Re: Would calling myself a Scorpio make me a poser

I already said what I think about this and yet people keep discussing the viability of sidereal. It's completely fine to accept it, but if we're gonna use sidereal then reject tropical completely. If OP doesn't identify with Capricorn then he's the first of many that I've witnessed to not identify with their Sun sign and placements using the tropical zodiac. They could however show us their tropical natal chart and let us see for ourselves what astrology says about him.

The annoying thing about this is that people are more inclined to changing the signs completely in a chart than actually admitting that astrology failed. If astrology failed then it did and that's it.

There can be no more than one true house system or zodiac system. It's a fallacy to think that both things work. That just demonstrates how illusive, manipulable and single-minded the way people think can be. If you're so willing to accept a new zodiac and house system then go ahead and read the wikipedia article about astrology. Astrology could very well be false. What the article says is way more rational than anything 99% of the people say here. People insist on using different astrological techniques and there is also a division between modern and traditional, but the thing you don't guys get is that this very variability and lack of unity in the astrological technique goes as far as to tell how ******** everything really is.

So, either accept a single method and stick to it, see the results and find out it works or accept astrology is entirely false.
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