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Smile Re: Do you agree with this? (House Positions = Sign Placements)

Originally Posted by twistandshout View Post
Yes, exactly. I feel like this is ultimately what causes the dissonance when it comes to discussing things like the 4H/10H/Mother/Father aspect of the chart that often times becomes the crux of what people say disproves the notion of associating sign rulership to houses. It will, of course, be hard to see the association if we continue to allow our perception of astrology to be purely defined by a lot of archaic thinking.

I get why people have the appeal to traditional understandings of Astrology but I suppose since I, personally, have gone into Astrology with having a mixture of Modern and Traditional learnings, I don't see the appeal of holding so tightly to the traditional understanding and definition to a lot of things. It's not to say that they're WRONG. But rather that they have a context in which they're accurate but that context is not every situation if that makes sense?
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