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strong focus on others, to Vellior


You said:
Originally Posted by Vellior View Post
I have been suffering from depression almost 9 years. I feel like i don't even belong to this life anymore. It's so severe that i leave my house only once per year to have my hair cut and see doctors.
IF this is your correct birth chart, you have a stellium (collection of energy) on your Descendant (others). This means you are VERY aware of others around you. It's possible that this awareness is simply TOO intense for you and you have simply shut down. The problem is that ALL your energy (if you take out Chiron, which is not a planetary energy and so astrologers usually don't count it).is on the right (others) side of the chart. If you DON'T interact with others, you have NO energy, since all your abilities comes in HOW you interact with others. Your depression is probably because you feel like you have no energy all the time.

The challenge of your chart is that you have ALL easy aspects People with easy aspects EXPECT life to be easy, and when suddenly a transit or group of transits comes along (energy in the outer world interacting with your chart) and they discover that life is FULL of challenges, they may simply shut down and retreat, rather than face the challenge of life. As has been said, you have a LOT of energy in your chart, and right now planetary energy in the outer world (i.e., Pluto and Saturn and soon Uranus) wants to FORCE you to deal with others and gain back your power...but it's too easy to just REFUSE to do so because it will be DIFFICULT.

Once you start FACING other people, accepting the challenges, and INTERACTING with them, you will find a whole new side opening up you may never have known. A side of you that naturally interacts with and is able to USE the energy of others to get things done.

But that won't happen if you don't get out there. Think about a plant shut off from the life-giving Sun and what happens to it.

Get out there. Start living.

Wishing you confidence, courage, and curiosity,

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