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Re: Combust planets and squares

Originally Posted by Vellior View Post
I have been suffering from depression almost 9 years. I feel like i don't even belong to this life anymore. It's so severe that i leave my house only once per year to have my hair cut and see doctors.
Hi Vellior,

my goodness- 9 years is a long time - sorry to hear what you have been going thru.

Originally Posted by Vellior View Post
I decided to study astrology and according to the articles i have read combust planets are a big problem and planets square north node are also hard aspects.
My knowledge is very limited so i would like to know if someone could help me to understand more about the hard aspects of my chart.
Combust planets are planets conjuncting each other very close on same exact degree in same sign - but you don't have them in your chart.

All psychological issues and genetic inheritance and predisposition for health issues are to be found in 8th house - and yours is ruled by pluto who is in close conjunct with your saturn as ruler of your carreer and lifepath house 10th. Sun as your life energy and ruler of 5th house is in conjunct with saturn/pluto conj. as well.

Health house in your chart is ruled by mercury, who is in health house 6th where also your venus is in and in close zero degree halfsquare with your uranus in 8th house - genetic inheritance. Venus also rules your physical body house 2nd - where your chiron - your inner wound is in and your deep fear to get abandoned and to stay outside of family alone. Chiron is at apex of a grand Yod with neptune as 12th house ruler and pluto as ruler of 8th house - blood line ancestors and family opinions and dogmata and saturn as your 10th house and midheaven ruler.

But to effect you - both must have been activated first by a transiting planet - when did it exact start - 9 years ago ? As to my personal experience the activating transiting planet mostly also brings the solution and the ending after some time.

Actually your natal saturn is still squared by transiting pluto for a tranformation and your neptune is semisextiled by t-pluto - and can get up all subconsciously stored past (mostly as bad experienced) memory up and overwhelming you as well - but more to see them in another light. Neptune rules your 12th house - also prenatal experience co-experienced and witnessed during pregnancy of your mother before your own birth- what might come up as a feeling as well and getting you helpless and scared uncontrollable like a child.

Moonnode in cancer is squared by moon in 6th house as ruler of 4th house / also mother and mother experience in childhood.

But your natal uranus in 8th house sextiles your mercury as your ruler of 6th house - you have the the natal energy to liberate yourself and jump out of it. And your mercury who also rules your mind house 3rd is still inconjuncted by transiting uranus to support you with liberation energy and to get you creative for a turnaround.

If you don't leave your house - what do you live from ?

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