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Originally Posted by Sunaina View Post
Will I have a happy marriage? Will it be an arranged marriage?
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Married life depends upon 2 birth charts, yours and spouse. They need to be matched and also check for any malefic effect.

You have Ketu in 7th house which makes you brave, but your partner could be irritable nature and secretive. you will have to be very careful and not to provoke angry.

You have Shani Dosha and Sarpa Dosha, you have Ketu in 7th house with Saturn. Ketu will make you excel in life but will also make people jealous. Ketu is also a separator so I'm sorry to say your marriage will be fragile. Please be patient with your to be husband , chose wisely and not based on how much money he makes , but what is character is.

Please get married after 28th Feb 2022. But, you are just a reflection of me. your marriage might end between August 2051 and June 2052 (Don't take this literally, lot can be averted by grace of God, learn Vishnu Sahasra Nama and pray Hanuman - yantrodaraka stotra ). But, my experience tells otherwise. This is your fate. God bless you and hope you avert the disaster !! you have a long life spanning all the way to 80's..


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