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Re: Most intense final interview ever. Am I getting the job?

Originally Posted by tikana View Post
okay Ilenek

you ARE NOT missing any skills. we will get ******* up charts because the question has been a rerun .. this is a classic example.. let's start with 2nd chart first...

make a chart big and follow my thought

Moon and Mars rule her
Venus is competition
sun is the job

no pass between sun/mars
no recepiton and debility
moon conj saturn before moon getting to sun
sun is entering her 12th house

L11 and L8 are the same planet - salary issue to they will go with L7 jus tbecause of the salary

but remember

this is a repeat question from the one above..

now lets look in 1st chart

saturn is in opposition 7th house
sun TOLs from jupiter L8 to saturn
again salary issues
moon is at 24 deg taurus - she is asking way too much!

7th house would be considered my competition? I was unsure if 7th would be the CEO that I interviewed with. Either way, I did not see any reception there either. Salary could be an issue - he did ask me if I felt I was fairly compensated in my last role and then he asked me what I was earning previously. I know I was compensated quite well for London and I was compensated as someone in financial services and not Fintech, so that would be a factor as well. Either way, I felt the interview was a bit off with him, so I didn't come out feeling as confident as I had before going in. I haven't heard back yet and it's already almost been a full week, so that is quite telling as well.
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