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Re: Barycentric/Heliocentric Astrology

The "SA" is the Sagittarius A-star or, as more commonly called, the galactic centre. Even though I didn't include other stars, I decided to include the galactic centre because it is that around which everything in our galaxy ultimately orbits. Including this point allows you to see that on December 18, 2012 (the day of the alignment), our planet will be directly opposed to the galactic centre, while the Sun is actually "leaning" toward the beginning of Sagittarius, about 26 degrees away from the galactic centre. When viewing the output, remember that the Sun is always less than 3 solar diametres away from the barycentre, so the Sun line on the perimetre shows you which way it is "leaning." The actual placement of the Sun is still effectively the centre of the chart.

The barycentric chart will look almost identical to the heliocentric chart, just because of how very close the Sun is to the barycentre. So, yes, your Earth sign (indicated by the Moon symbol) on a barycentric chart will be exactly opposite your Sun sign on a geocentric chart.

I haven't forgotten about the chart comparison. I'm just a little busy. I'll get to that soon.
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