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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

I couldn't agree more! Here is my list(including yours).

Moon or Mars square, opposition, conjunct Uranus or Pluto.
Moon in hard aspect to Mars.
Mercury square Pluto can verbally lacerate.

I haven't thought of it the way Kukka describes Masculine verses Feminine but I would have to agree.

Originally Posted by ashriia View Post
mars square pluto is pretty violent. they seethe at first, blood boils- 10 seconds later. Bang. they throw something, punch, or flip the eff out.
it's over pretty quickly, doesn't last.

bruce lee aparently had mars in square to pluto. but he found a constructive use of the energy.

mars in square to uranus can be the tantrum type of anger.

I can hold a pretty severe grudge. I am a sulker and a passive aggressive type. get you in your sleep with my b****craft voodoo type of anger. As I've gotten older I voice my hurts before they fester and come out passively aggressively.

i have mars in leo. moon is in 12th in gemini.

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