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Re: Rsp Rishi Rahul & kshantaramji...

Originally Posted by vishnunarayan View Post
Lets hope your prediction comes true?! Last time couple of years ago you predicted for me on this forum that in the first quarter of 2020 I would come out of this depressive state..that was so opposite of what happened infact first quarter of 2020 I was extremley sick and depressed and still sick and depressed! lets hope this time its true!..
Hello Vishnunarayan,

I checked all the posts by you in this forum, but did not find any other conversation between us, beside this post.

Well, what surprises me is that if my predictions did come 'incorrect' why did you opt to seek my free predictions again? is confusing!! As this thread title mentioned my name.

I mostly attempt past predictions, and do not delve in the future in my forum predictions.

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