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Re: Would it be the death of me if it has a stellium in 8th house?

I take it that your birthl chart is your chart #1?

You have no natal 8th house planets.

This will show "what you are supposed to be doing with your life" far more than something decades in the future.

Please note, as well, that the house focus of a particular chart is often an artifact of the house system selected.

Your chart shows an emphasis on the third house, which deals with your thinking and communicating functions; as well as siblings (if any,) neighbours, and short-distance travel. With your chart's emphasis on earth signs, you'd probably be happiest in a field emphasizing practical matters. The strongest planet in your chart seems to be a domiciled Jupiter in the 5th house, which includes one's children-- if any, although Jupiter in the 5th is supposed to be beneficial for people who wish to become parents. The 5th also includes leisure activities that we do for fun.

How are you with IT, and/or computer games?

In terms of "purpose in life," astrology looks at where your growth lies and a sense of purpose like a "calling," which may be different than what you do for a living. With Mars (your MC ruler) in the 4th house conjunct your NN and square Uranus and Neptune in the 7th, you probably need to come to terms with a difficult early home life, and learning to "let go" of people whom you consider to be your enemies.

If you were born in Hanoi and/or live there now, possibly the political situation over the past several decades has something to do with your feelings.

That 2051 chart is pretty interesting, but it may have little to do with your own life.
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