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Would it be the death of me if it has a stellium in 8th house?

Hi everybody. I have a question about predicting the death in solar return chart. I've read others in here, and it seems very complicated to me, but mine is kinda way easier. Solar Saturn in the first house, and suprisingly, seven planets are in my solar 8th house (just Uranus is outer planet). Most of them opposite solar Pluto in 2nd house in Pisces. Back then I thought maybe it was just my imagination flying high cuz 2nd - 8th house can be related to secrets, money, ups and downs in life and sex, not just death. And so yesterday I added to it my natal chart, it was clear as day. The solar Ascendant and aslo Chiron are placed in my natal 6th house cusp, solar Saturn goes inside my natal 8th house, which doesn't slow the process down but can activate 8th house in a strict and powerful way. And north node is going back to where it was at the first place, so I reached to a conclusion, that year will be the year to say goodbye. Any thoughts of it? I thought it right or all wrong? my solar return 2051.jpg
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