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Originally Posted by Fz hb View Post
Interesting observation. But how do you get to know about their charts in such detail. Most people dont even know their time of birth. So how do you work out these details.
I just tell people I know that Iím into astrology and ask them for their time and place of birth. Some donít know. But most have been happy to find out. People tend to be curious about their charts.

Iíve dated a guy who wasnít curious (total atheist) but liked me a lot so he spent hours...from like midnight to 4 a.m. digging through boxes in his parentís house to find his birth certificate to show me his birth time. He texted me a picture of it as proof. Lol. He just did it to prove how willing he was to make me happy, which was sweet. We ended up having pretty good synastry and I cherish my memories with him but at the end of the day, he just didnít do it for me because I really need to be with someone who I can grow with. He didnít fit that bill. Sorry to ramble!
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