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Re: Attracting Fake Friends

Originally Posted by Sagcap88 View Post
What in a personís natal might make them have a tendency to attract fake friends...people who donít have their best intentions at heart but rather use them?

Itís a sad thing to see happen to someone you care about.
Sun, moon, venus in the 8th or 12th?

3rd house and 11th house lords with malefics but also neptune.

3rd and 11th house rulers in the 12th house.

And perhaps malefics in the 3rd and 11th house.

The first one, a lot of people will be surprised but I genuinely think it signifies fake people, fake friends, or people that just don't always like you. Why because two identity factors, ascendent and moon and/or sun are nothing like one another. So those that like your ascendent won't always like your sun(identity), or moon(emotional nature/reactions). On the other hand, you won't almost never like someone for their entirety nor would you like yourself for your entirety.
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