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Originally Posted by GuyWithWeirdChart View Post
I have some experience with this... I have a lot of Pisces in my chart with all of those Pisces planets in an 11th house stellium. All of the "fake friends" i've encountered had either a Leo Sun or Leo Mars , and usually a strong pluto influence such as Sun square Pluto, Scorpio Asc, Mars-Pluto aspects, etc.. as for why I attract them, I'm not sure... I have Pluto in the 7th house (Taurus Asc)...

I also have a tight Mars square Pluto, (Mars in the 11th house Pluto in the 7th)
So the house of friends and enemies connected?

What I have personally observed, is that a lot of Leo influenced people, particularly those that have it as their Sun or Mars have a tendency to use people for their own benefit.. It's all about them. It's their world. It's all about what they can gain. I have even witnessed some proudly boast about how they used him or her for this or that.. as if the people listening were supposed to be impressed. I'm sure they're not all like that. But Leo has definitely earned its spot as one of my least favorite signs. I never had any "fake friends" that didn't have Leo influence...

There were red flags, I simply chose to ignore them, as a Pisces I had a tendency to see the good in others rather than the bad.. I was too forgiving and I was naive. I've learned my lesson though.

Anyone that puts up a facade just to use someone for their own benefit lacks integrity and honor. Truly disgusting how selfish and cunning some people can be.
Omg you are so right! I thought about the people I know who use others and they do have prominent Leo and Pluto! A lot of the women have moon in Leo...they’re some of the worst I know. Of course, I’m not saying all moon in Leo women are that way.

But yeah, thanks for your reply! You totally hit the nail on the head.
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