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Re: Can you please help my future mother in - law

Originally Posted by COMET View Post
Thanks golden,

my future mom is religious and very spiritual . she meditates and prays a lot. we dont know for sure if the prayers are working but we are keeping her in ours.

we cn tell that she is in a lot of emotional pain. She can act delusional and seem to often disppear into her spiritual bubble, appering out of reach to us. she cant handle her husband's illness on top of hers. she is not coping well at all. yes we do our best to listen and cheer her but we feel we can do more by getting to the root of what is causing her worries and stress
It's most likely her fears of uncertainty and the outcome. What will I do after he's gone? What will happen with my children? What will I do for finances. She'll be okay. It's just escaping her pain and allow her too as long as it's not physically harmful to herself or physically harmful to other individuals. The pain body is like wanting to escape out of the physical reality. Why is this happening to me? Love is always the answer. Loss is heavy. So, the best thing is what you're doing, being present, letting her know you're there, validating her thoughts, emotions, feelings. It sounds like you're all doing the best you can.
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